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Thailand achieved popularity as a rehab destination for the same reasons that it attracts so much medical tourism in general. The country is magnificently scenic, boasts a rich culture and history, and is widely renowned for its warm hospitality and delightful cuisine.

With a steady flow of tourists arriving all year round, Thailand is well acquainted with Western standards of comfort. Its rehab options offer resort-like amenities, international airport pickups, and world-class standards of care, delivered by English-speaking professionals.

Many people envision rehab as a demanding experience in a sterile hospital environment, or a therapeutic farm house community style rehab, yet this need not be the case. By combining the function of a rehab centre with the atmosphere and setting of a resort, rehabs in Thailand offer their clients high-quality drug and alcohol treatment, packaged inside a larger wellness experience that emphasises a holiday-like feel.

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Treatment Programmes

When you first enter rehab, it is important that you select the proper level of care suitable to your needs. Rehab centres in Thailand offers several levels of care from inpatient rehabilitation programmes, medical detoxification programmes, and secondary sober living facilities.

Many people giving up drugs or alcohol will need to undergo a special period of detox before their primary treatment. This initial stage requires medical supervision to counteract the effects of withdrawal, which could otherwise be extremely uncomfortable and even dangerous.
An individual is required to stay inside a rehab which offers a safe and undisturbed setting. It is a highly effective method of receiving treatment because it provides comprehensive care far from the stresses, influences, and temptations that may have led to the destructive behaviour in the first place.
After completing primary treatment, you may still need help and support as you re-integrate into society. Secondary sober living facilities are managed residences where recovering addicts continue to receive support in a drug and alcohol-free environment.

Why UK Addicts ChooseTreatment in Thailand


Being far from abusive relationships, stresses of work, family pressures and bad influences, can help you focus on your recovery


By seeking rehab support in Thailand you will be able to stay in treatment for longer and afford a better quality of care and accommodation


Receive world class support as soon as you want it in Thailand. There are no six-month waiting lists. Help is available right now.


Thailand’s traditions of mindfulness and meditation can help return you to a place of spiritual peace and balance.


Some rehab centres are compatible with health insurance coverage, so your out-of-pocket treatment costs may be even lower.


Rehab in Thailand offers treatment for co-occurring conditions, which is the most effective way to bring about a successful recovery.


Thailand has a strong culture of healing and recovery with active fellowship meetings across the country.


Being one of the world’s most popular destination, Thailand offers fitness opportunities and excursions such as Muay Thai boxing and white water rafting


Many rehabs in Thailand have a medical team of nurses and physicians on call 24/7 to address any personal health concerns.

Affordable, High-Quality,
All-Inclusive Treatment

Your rehab treatment package
in Thailand typically includes:

Resort-style facilities
World-class standards of addiction treatment
Medical detox services if needed
Western-trained and fully certified counsellors
Individual and group therapy sessions
Integrated treatment plan for co-occurring disorders
Access to 12-Step support groups
Online follow-ups and relapse prevention plans
Weekly excursions around local areas
Health and wellness therapies

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