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As the largest city of Northern Thailand and the second-largest city in Thailand, Chiang Mai (the New City in English) is the most advanced rehab destination in Asia. With over 10 primary and secondary treatment facilities offering drug and alcohol rehabilitation, Chiang Mai rehabs have served thousands of clients from all over the world for the past 10 years.

Set in an ancient town, Chiang Mai lays on both sides of the Ping River, backed up by the highest mountains in the country nearby. The city’s perfect location, astonishing Buddhistic culture (with hundreds of ornate Buddhist temples), and natural beauty offer endless opportunities for holistic wellness activities, outdoor adventures, sports, and exploration all year round, contributing to rehabilitation and addiction recovery.

Chiang Mai’s appeal as a rehab destination has much to do with its success in attracting tourists in general. Although the city itself is large, the atmosphere is nevertheless one of peace and tranquillity. Far quieter than hotspots like Bangkok and Phuket, Chiang Mai manages to balance its thriving cultural and commercial areas with a relaxing and slow-paced day-to-day environment. All the while, Chiang Mai’s surrounding hills and scenic mountains remain accessible via a short drive.

Top 5 rehab centres in Chiang Mai

One Step Rehab

One Step Rehab is a fitness focused treatment centre for addiction and co-occurring disorders located in the mountainous region of Chiang Mai. The acclaimed One Step to Recovery treatment programme represents value for money with a no-nonsense approach to addiction recovery designed for successful treatment outcomes.

One Step's 28 day inpatient programme is regarded as Thailand’s most affordable residential treatment offering available from a reputable treatment provider with a proven tack record. It has become popular with addicts from the United Kingdom, Australia and United States for having a ‘friendly vibe’ without feeling like a holiday camp.

Professionally supervised holistic therapies include fitness boot camp, Muay Thai boxing, strength training, yoga Nidra and breathwork. Body-based elements of the treatment programme support emotional and physical healing as part of a wider programme that merges one-on-one counselling, group therapy, and mindfulness meditation, all under the supervision of a highly qualified clinical team.

Private accommodation, all meals, activities and excursions are included in the cost of treatment along with access to an extensive range of facilities.

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Price Range
£6,000 - £7,000
Strong psycho-somatic approach to addiction treatment, in addition to psychological therapy

Beekeeper House

The Beekeeper House is a spacious 16-bed treatment facility, located in the mountains around 30 minutes from Chiang Mai. All aspects of their programme, from detox through recovery are carried out onsite under the supervision of their large clinical team, indeed, they are well known for their strong staff to client ratio. Their team includes psychiatrists, clinical psychologists and nurses, supported by their holistic and fitness staff.

The Beekeeper House would be most suitable for clients seeking treatment for mental health issues and those with addiction alongside a co-occurring mental health diagnosis. They are also able to really tailor a programme to each client’s needs as well as providing not only individual therapy sessions but also individual holistic and fitness sessions such as several forms of meditation and sound bowl therapy.

They also have a slightly longer treatment programme than the majority of other rehab centres in Thailand, with their programme length being 35 days rather than the traditional 28 day programme.

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Price Range:
£9,000 - £11,000
A large team of clinicians at PhD and Master’s level specialised in mental health and co-occurring disorders

Jintara Rehab

Founded in 2022, Jintara Rehab is a boutique drug and alcohol rehab centre situated in a beautiful riverside location along the Ping River, allowing its residents to enjoy the tranquillity of Thai landscape. Jintara Rehab provides primary residential treatment and medical detox for substance use disorder and underlying mental health problems through an internationally trained teams of professionals.

Accepting a maximum of 10 clients at any one time, the smaller size of this rehab facility provides an intimate and supportive recovery community compared to other larger rehab centres in Thailand, making the treatment programmes highly individualised. Their treatment model focuses on cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) rather than the 12 Steps. This is combined with an array of holistic therapies, a fitness programme, and meditation.

They also offer their clients 24/7 phone and internet access so they are suitable for people over the age of 30 and are looking for less structured and a customisable treatment programme.

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Price Range:
£7,000 - £8,000
Intimate and supportive recovery community at competitive prices

The Dawn Rehab and Wellness Centre

The Dawn is a luxury rehab centre located alongside the Ping River around 50 minutes from central Chiang Mai. It is a well-appointed facility with a peaceful atmosphere which combines an old traditional structure with more modern buildings.

The type of accommodation that they are offering is what you would expect from a luxury rehab in Thailand. The 35-bed facility is nestled in lush green lawns by the river, featuring lodging that is more alike to a resort than a hospital setting. The idea was to provide a peaceful retreat that promotes relaxation and healing for mind and body.

Clients are offered private ensuite rooms with a private balcony. The rooms feature an LCD flat-screen TV, air-conditioning, work desk, and high-speed internet access. Their clients also have access to a health spa, fitness centre, swimming pool, and sauna.

The Dawn Rehab offers programmes that treat not only addiction but focus on mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, mood disorders, PTSD, insomnia, and personality disorder. They also provide a programme for stressed work executives and other individuals with demanding jobs who struggle with burnout.

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Price Range:
£9,000 - £11,000
Free 28 days of treatment if you relapse within one year (conditions apply)

The Cabin Chiang Mai

The oldest and most established among rehab facilities in Chiang Mai, The Cabin Chiang Mai has more than ten years long tradition of providing high-quality treatment to over 5,000 individuals from around the world. Founded in 2009, The Cabin Chiang Mai is the leading rehab centre in Asia. It is also the largest one. Fully personalised plans and all-encompassing programmes at The Cabin Chiang Mai not only treat addiction but address all aspects of your well-being.

You will have the opportunity to enjoy the discretion of en-suite private rooms and a private hospital. Also, spend free time at one of several swimming pools, restaurants, and a well-equipped gym. Treatment-wise, The Cabin Chiang Mai rehab has four “villages”, with separate programmes for men and women, LGBT community, Arabic programme, detox programme, and a programme specifically designed for young men between ages of 18 and 25 years.

Despite considerably higher cost of treatment compared other rehab centres in Thailand, many clients who attend The Cabin Rehab often end up staying for an extended period of 2-3 months.

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Price Range:
£10,000 - £12,000
Extensive experience with over 5,000 clients treated

What to expect from Chiang Mai rehab

Rehab centres in Chiang Mai generally offer evidence-based psychological therapy, behaviour modification and pharmacotherapy. These methods are administered by fully trained and licensed addiction professionals, usually with a great deal of personal attention given to each client.

Quality Chiang Mai rehab facility will also focus on helping you not only overcome your alcohol and/or drug addiction – but also treat any underlying mental health issues that may be present alongside your addiction. Treating co-occurring conditions simultaneously is the most effective way to bring about a successful recovery.

Some rehabs in Chiang Mai will be able to provide onsite medical services to manage your initial detox process, if you are in need of detox services. Other rehab centres will connect you with a local hospital, which in turn can help you through the detox process as a first step towards recovery. In such a case, the detox-related fees will be payable directly to the hospital.

While traditional treatment methods form the core of most addiction recovery efforts, Chiang Mai rehab utilises holistic therapy to provide a valuable anchor for stable recovery as well. Holistic approaches to treatment are designed to bring recovering addicts back to a healthy equilibrium in their mind, body, and spirit – helping them develop positive habits and a renewed motivation for personal growth.

Mindfulness activities and physical therapy, as well as excursions around the nearby points of interest, are often included at inpatient treatment facilities. Excursions are likely to include boat rides, jungle walks, visits to traditional villages, and temple tours.

Although inpatient care means residing at the treatment facility, support doesn’t necessarily end after you leave. Most professional rehab centres in Chiang Mai provide an aftercare programme to help you avoid relapse. This additional service may include online counselling sessions and relapse prevention plans. Such post-treatment care can make a big difference in your recovery as you transition back to life on the outside.

Thriving recovery culture in Chiang Mai

A positive culture of recovery is a notable feature of the rehabilitation landscape in Chiang Mai. Recovery is not a single event, but rather a process that requires constant attention and effort. One of the best ways to help prevent an eventual relapse is for the addicted person to enter a 12-step programme. Of the many people who attend rehab in Chiang Mai as clients, a number of them remain in the area, attending as well as facilitating AA/NA meetings, which is a very active fellowship in the city. Other fellowship meetings that are available in Chiang Mai include:

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of rehab centres in Chiang Mai may vary depending on factors such as the type of treatment required, the duration of the programme, and the location of the facility. However, on average, clients pay just £9,000 per month for all-inclusive inpatient treatment. Even factoring in the cost of airfare, this total tends to be a fraction of what comparable treatment would cost in the UK, which charge £10,000 (at the very low end) to £70,000 for 30 days depending upon the type of rehab facility.

Cool weather, hilly landscapes, and plenty of local attractions bring scores of visitors to Chiang Mai every year. With a convenient and well-connected international airport, a thriving recovery community, along with several quality facilities to choose from, rehab in Chiang Mai is an excellent destination. If you are seeking addiction recovery in a scenic and peaceful area, where prices are affordable and service standards are high, rehab in Chiang Mai may just be what you’re looking for.

Chiang Mai International Airport is one of the busiest in the country, receiving international direct flights from 34 destinations in 11 countries. In most cases, visitors from the UK will need to arrive via another airport (usually Suvarnabhumi, in Bangkok), before catching a short connecting flight (50 minutes) that takes you up to Chiang Mai. Any rehab in Chiang Mai will offer to pick you up from the airport when you arrive.

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